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MrRoomfinder is a free property portal built to bring Tenants, Private Landlords, & Agencies of Bangkok and Thailand together in one place.
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In its 6 years of operation has rapidly become an internet institution for those expats looking to Rent or Buy property in Thailand and in Bangkok in particular. In fact it is rare that you meet an expat in Bangkok who has not either used the site personally or knows someone who has found a property from using the site. Such is the reach and impressive nature of the site. We are therefore grateful that it has become our privilege to manage this internet institution and hopefully continue its great success. My name is John and I am here to help you use the site and I can be contacted through the many avenues on the site. However to understand the format and sprit of the site, why don’t we leave this to the founder and creator of the original way back in 2005, K. Aitch.


I vividly remember dragging my reluctant feet around the hot sticky roads and side streets of Bangkok in what seemed a never ending and hopeless search for a new place to live.

Enough was Enough!

Unless you're fortunate enough to have someone run around and do all the home hunting for you, then you will know that independently seeking a new place to live in Greater Bangkok can be nothing short of self inflicted torture!

The day came when I decided that enough was enough and it was time to develop a new system of finding Thailand real estate so as to lesson the frustration and discomfort that the heat, humidity, and choking polution of this concrete jungle so cruely dishes out to the lost pedestrian.

Prior to setting off into Bangkok’s overcrowded metropolis, I was desperate to narrow down my search and create a short list of potential homes, but I just wasn't able to find any helpful websites out there on the Internet. It was at this time that I began to question whether an online property portal which catered specifically for the independent Home Hunter, would prove popular enough to assign to.

Over the weeks that followed, the idea was bounced around the expat community of Bkk and it soon became apparent that there was a definite call for an information service of this kind, so the challenge was on to set-up what has now become Mr. Roomfinder Dot Com.


While preparing this project, the idea was that it had to become an interactive website for the home hunters of Thailand. This meant that users would be able to contribute and have their say. There would be an option for members to add their own recommended apartments to the ever growing database. There would also be a discussion forum aimed at helping those in need find the perfect home at the ideal price.

This site could assist in finding room-mates to split the cost of living in more luxurious bangkok condos and houses. There would be articles of interest on housing issues, covering what to look for and what to look-out for. We'd include free classified pages where members could buy & sell, or request products and services. The format was decided and so the project began.

After a number of setbacks, I managed to achieve all of those initial objectives for the site’s opening, which was on Thursday May 12, 2005 at around 16:00 hrs Thai time.

THE VISION exists to help tenants share their renting experiences and thus give apartment hunters the information necessary to make a more informed decision.

The aim of this site was, and still is, to build the largest online community for Rental Housing in Greater Bangkok and beyond.

This is to be a completely 'free service' which will combine the convenience of online apartment and condo listings with an option for personal recommendations and advice via our Interactive Forum. In this way, will be the most valuable resource for the online housing market in Greater Bangkok.

Our database will as time goes by, provide more information about apartments, condos, and houses in the Bangkok area than any other online home hunting service - period! Subscribe to our RSS feeds and stay informed.

MrRoomfinder does not charge Businesses and Private Landlords to list their vacancies on the site, nor has any limits on how many properties an individual or company can advertise. This means the site can expose all available properties and not only those where a service fee is paid in exchange for exposure. However, those who do sponsor the site will be given top listings should they have properties available for the search conducted.

Update Oct 2007 – After several trail periods, the MrRoomfinder property forum did not get utilised used by home hunters despite our best efforts to promote it. Therefore, we have removed the forum from the site, but we do still link to other property forums for Thailand should our visitors and members need additional help or advice regarding home seeking or general living tips for Thailand. Any comments, please contact the site using the link at the foot of this page.


I would personally like to thank Phil W, a good friend of mine, and webmaster for Thailand's most popular teaching website, Ajarn has been Thailand's Number One TEFL Resource for Teaching English in Thailand since 1999. Phil has contributed greatly with his support, input and advice in many areas of this project.

I would also like to thank Ratchanee M for all the hard work, dedication and loyalty she has shown throughout this project during those early days of development.

More recently, I would like to thank MrRoomfinder's site sponsors, Easy Homes, for their continued support and commitment which they contribute to this project.

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