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Nov 13, 2013: Where are the best districts in Bangkok city center for Japanese expats to rent condos and apartments?

Bangkok city centre is full of expats renting condos and apartments in Sukhumvit and other areas. However no sector of the expat community is as large as the Japanese expat community. So where are the best and most popular areas for Japanese expats to rent condos and apartments in Bangkok?

With a huge Japanese population thanks to the large foreign investment from Japan from companies like Toyota, Honda, Sony and Isuzu there are tens of thousands of Japanese expats living in Bangkok’s city center. When for example a Japanese manager is employed he will also bring his wife and children with him, thus ...Read more...

Nov 10, 2013: What would the Bangkok edition of the Monopoly board game look like?

For any of you that travelled back to see family this Christmas, like me at one point you were asked to play a board game….a sort of Christmas tradition in many families. This year we played Trivial Pursuit, but in past years we have played Monopoly. As anyone who has played this game will tell you, it is a great way to learn about both Real Estate and the City the game is set in....Read more...

Nov 8, 2013: The Advantages and Disadvantages of different types of Bangkok properties

In life it seems everything is compromise and no one has it all or it seems can get it all. It does not matter whether this is in reference to a job or career, a relationship or even a property in which to lives. Mick Jagger famously sings 'you can't always get what you want' and this is a message that most mature people understand...Read more...

Oct 24, 2013: Buying property in the Bangkok Real Estate market, the ins and outs of making a purchase as a foreigner.

Thousands of tourists, expats and even real estate investors look think about buying a property in Thailand each year. And some braver and perhaps more knowledgeable individuals take the plunge and buy into what can be a very lucrative market if the purchases are made correctly.
Of course a foreigner can buy property all over Thailand, ...Read more...

July 23, 2012: Bangkok apartments & condos for teachers to rent, more accommodation choices than ever was launched over 7 years ago out of demand from expats wanting to rent low to mid-ranged property in Bangkok. At the time there were fewer quality real estate choices available for those looking to rent low to mid-end Bangkok condos or apartments. The BTS had only just opened for a few years and the ...Read more...

July 18, 2012: The Bangkok Real Estate market in 2012

The Bangkok Real Estate market in 2012 has great new condos and apartments.
One year since has been run by new management, we look at a few of the Bangkok condos that have hit the Bangkok Real Estate market in the last 12 months... Read more...

July 6, 2011: MrRoomfinder Under New Management

Dear site visitors and members. Pleases note that MrRoomfinder (MRF) is now under new management. This free-for-all project ended up too time consuming for Aitch (former webmaster), to mange on his own. Over the years, MRF unexpectedly grew just too big and too fast to mange as a hobby project. It has therefore been taken over by a new team who are familiar with the Thai rental market's supply and demand. The new team aim to add more value for visitor and members over time and to continually improve the overall user experience. If you have any questions please contact the site here

NEW MRF Bangkok Accommodation Gallery It's future uncertain! Let us know what you think?

Bangkok Rental Video Ads are Now Live!

Mr Roomfinder Free Ads for Bangkok Rentals and Sales now have a video facility. Simply add YouTube (or other) embedded code into your free-ads. It's Easy!

See MrRoomfinder's Thai Property Video Page Here.

* Click here to see how it will display your Bangkok Real Estate

When it comes to property ads, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Video will give your ad(s) more value to the Property Hunter meaning it will have a better chance of succeeding than those ads with less detail.

Bangkok Property Ads with Video Presentations

Whether you're looking online for that next Bangkok luxury condo or maybe just some midterm budget accommodation Thailand, then the more details and photos there are in the ads, the better it is for both home hunters and advertisers . Bangkok apartments & Condos that display Images and descriptions are all well and good, but if that same Bangkok real estate ad was to include video too, then this would not only attract more attention than those ads without video, but it would also help those looking for Bangkok rentals to make better informed decisions when compiling their Wish List

Here at MRF (Mr Roomfinder), we are going to be giving all advertisers the opportunity to embed their video code into their Bangkok Apartment Rental and Bangkok Condo Rental free ads. Like most new features, it may take a while to catch on, but we're convinced that once a few advertisers begin to display video with their Bangkok properties, then it will only be a matter of time before others follow suit. Well, that's the notion anyway!

How will the videos be Presented?

The videos float in the center of the screen with a dimmed background. We belive this will provide the best viewing experience. See sample video

Bangkok BTSBTS Sky Train Opens 2 New Stations. Krung Thonburi & Wong Wian Yai

On the 15th of May 2009, the BTS Sky Train in Bangkok made a momentous advancement. For the first time in almost a decade and in fact for the first time since the first trains started to role in December 1999, the BTS opened two new stations, Krung Thonburi and Wong Wian Yai.

I asked MrRoomfinder's site sponsor (EasyHomes of Bangkok), if they would give us some idea of Bangkok Properties found close to these new lines. They wrote an account on a quality piece of affordable bangkok real estate called Metro Park Sathorn. After viewing the site stats, I could see that this was already a popular Bangkok property rental option among expats. Metro Park Sathorn is by no means the only accommodation on offer close to the Krung Thonburi and Wong Wian Yai BTS stations, but it will give you an insight into the expanding options available for expatriates and Thais needing, or wanting, to be connected with the capital, while at the same time living on its outskirts.

Go here to read the full piece | Search BTS/MRT for Bangkok Properties

If there's one thing this city is not short of and that's rental accommodation. Bangkok literally has something to suit all budgets. When it comes to cheap accommodation, Bangkok has a plethora of choices starting as low 3,500 THB/Mo right up to the Bangkok luxury apartments and condos with swish pools, maids, and fine services to boot!

* Property Quick Search Bangkok Rentals

* Detailed Search - Accommodation Bangkok & Thailand

Mr Roomfinder dot com. The Story so Far!

Those of you that have been with this project from the outset will know that the site we first planned for way back in November 2004 was not the site that we ended up with. The original idea was to have the most comprehensive list of budget accommodation Bangkok home hunters had ever seen. There were to be no Bangkok properties advertised on this site which exceeded 10,000 THB/Mo. It was, and still is in theory, a great idea, but it never materialised for us.

So What happened to the Budget Accommodation Finder?

Because it's 100% free to place an unlimited number of Bangkok Realestate ads on Mr Roomfinder (MRF), we thought that the private landlord, the Bangkok property agency, and the various letting agents, would all be tripping over themselves to get free exposure to Thailand's home seekers via this project. Alas it wasn't to happen, and what's more we couldn't drag them onto this new Bangkok property portal even if we paid them! It's as much a mystery today as it was back then!

An attempt at adding a Thai version to the site didn't help things either and nor did an advertising blitz where many agents were contacted and sent translated flyers on how to utilise this site to further enhance their bangkok real estate business. After the first year online, it was obvious that MRF was not going to work solely for budget accommodation. Bangkok property agents who catered for the lower end dwellings had their own techniques for attracting tenants and promoting rooms, and it became apparent to us that Mr Roomfinder was not going to be part of their approach.

There seemed no choice but to rethink the venture. We decided to allow the mid to high end Bangkok real estate agents and private landlords to advertise on the site too, and they did just that. Unlike those with budget accommodation, Bangkok property moguls had no such qualms exploiting the site to expose their Bangkok rentals, and thus began to upload their property ads with regular frequency. Since the site's launch in May 2005, there have literally been 1000's of free ads pass through The Mr Roomfinder Project.

Bangkok certainly has no shortage of great rental property in all locations of the metropolis, and at every conceivable budget level. In fact the same can be said for the whole of Thailand. Rentals can start off as rickety shacks for just 1,500 THB/Mo. right up to penthouses in the sky, plus all those tasteful Bangkok luxury apartments found in Central Business District (CBD). You can live in this great county as cheaply or as lavishly as you like and there lays the attraction for many expats who call this country home.

So we're still the free-for-all that we set out to be, but now with a broad variety of Bangkok property options as opposed to the early idea of a tight niche in only cheap accommodation. Bangkok property ads come in almost daily now and the site has got far busier and more costly to run than first thought. It has only been with the help and support of Mr Roomfinder's sole sponsor, EasyHomes, that we have been able to keep this busy project up and running.

May it continue to grow and prosper as we serve the home hunters, private landlords, and bangkok property agents well into the future. All comments and suggestions about the site are most welcome, be they in the form of positive feedback or constructive criticisms.

Aitch AKA Mr Roomfinder

MRF | Finding Bangkok Rentals Since 2005
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What are you looking for in your Bangkok Apartment?

Obviously your choice of Bangkok property will depend on the amount of money you have at your disposal. Many of the studio Thai apartment choices fall into the 5,000 to 8,000 Baht/Mo price range - some are surprisingly good, whereas others can be very poor value for money.

Guide to Renting a Thailand Apartment
Rental Houses Thailand. All you need to know!

In this article, Ajarn's Phil W concentrates on rentals priced at the lower end of the Thailand house rental market here, but generally speaking the information supplied is relevant to homes at all budget levels. A very worth while read whether you're looking for a traditional thai style house, a luxury detatched home, or a simple townhouse. Bangkok has them all.

Guide to Renting a Thai Style House
Is it really worth using a Bangkok Real Estate Agency to find your next BKK Property?

With a repuation akin to a used car salesman, why should anyone use or trust a real estate agency. Bangkok certainly has plenty of them around, all willing to help you with your property needs. But just how good are they, and mores to the point, do we need them? The answers to these questions can be found by clicking the link below.

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