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    Where are the best districts in Bangkok city center for Japanese expats to rent condos and apartments?

Bangkok city centre is full of expats renting condos and apartments in Sukhumvit and other areas. However no sector of the expat community is as large as the Japanese expat community. So where are the best and most popular areas for Japanese expats to rent condos and apartments in Bangkok?

With a huge Japanese population thanks to the large foreign investment from Japan from companies like Toyota, Honda, Sony and Isuzu there are tens of thousands of Japanese expats living in Bangkok’s city center. When for example a Japanese manager is employed he will also bring his wife and children with him, thus prompting the need for Japanese styled services to accommodate them. Therefore Bangkok’s city center is home to many Japanese schools, restaurants, bars, karaoke centers and coffee shops. Not to mention beauty parlors, hairdressers and spas catering for Japanese housewives.

Whole communities have therefore built up in the city center to accommodate all these expats, and due to their relative wealth, compared to the local population, the districts in which they live are high-end and some of the most admired in Bangkok.

One thing is for sure, Japanese expats like to live close to other Japanese expats, whether this is a reason due to language, culture or food, Japanese expats rarely searches for solitude. Therefore Japanese expats like to rent Bangkok apartments or condos in similar buildings or districts as their friends.

Most expats of whichever origin often choose Sukhumvit as their destination of choice, but Japanese expats are generally more specific than that and they focus in on renting condos in Thonglor or for example renting apartments in Phrom Phong. The Japanese community in general see the ‘square’ that is created by the sides of soi Thonglor in the East, Asoke in the West, Sukhumvit road in the South and Phetchburi road in the North as the best area in which to live. So this ‘square’ then incorporates Asoke, Phrom Phong and Thonglor as the most popular areas for Japanese expats to live.

Although to the casual observer this may seem like a small area in which to live, in fact the distances involved are only about 2.5Km x 2.5Km, a tiny area considering the sheer size of Bangkok as a whole city, it is in fact still filled with a huge array and choice of accommodation, due to the density of apartments in Thonglor, condos in Asoke and all in between. Just check out the number of condos there are in Thonglor alone.

Therefore Japanese expats in Bangkok have the choice of inexpensive Studios for just a few hundred dollars a month, to large 3-4 bedroom properties costing many thousands of dollars a month.

Also in the location of Asoke to Thonglor are many Japanese restaurants selling delicious Japanese food and many exciting bars and restaurants also.

So if you’re a Japanese national thinking of coming to Thailand, or half-Japanese, or perhaps someone of Hawaiian origin who enjoys Japanese cuisine, Japanese culture and the company of Japanese people then head towards Thonglor, Asoke and Phrom Phong. And if you’re looking for accommodation check out our Japanese language website with a list of many condos and apartments to rent in Bangkok.

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