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 Bangkok Real Estate Market

Rogue Traders in Bangkok Real Estate Market!


Looking for Bangkok Rentals is Easier said than Doner!

Whether you're looking to rent an apartment or condo in Bangkok, it can be a pretty daunting task for the first timers and new arrivals to the city.

There are lots of stories and rumors of how Thai landlords and Thai landladies don’t refund deposits and how they treat tenants renting Bangkok condos and Bangkok apartments like rubbish. There are stories on how properties will fall apart around you and when appliances and basic necessities break, Thai landlords will not maintain their Bangkok Condo or Bangkok Apartment.

Well of course most stories are exaggerated and of course like in any market, the Bangkok property market is mainly run professionally. Let's now look at this in a little more detail.

With plenty of competition from other landlords with Bangkok condos and Bangkok apartments, Thai landlords will often play it straight. However of course to be safe and secure, you are best dealing with a known and trusted Thai Landlord.

So how can you gain security and confidence in a Thai Landlord and know that Bangkok Condo or Bangkok apartment you are about to rent will be maintained properly and the contract signed with the Thai landlord honored? How can you know that you can trust the Thai landlord that owns your Bangkok Condo or Bangkok Apartment?

Well the best way to handle this is to of course contact a Bangkok Real Estate Agent, as they should know the Thai landlord they advise you to deal with. They should also be familiar with the Bangkok Condo or Bangkok Apartment you are interested in.

Bangkok RentalsAll well and good so far, but it is well worth doing further investigations, after all how well do you know your Real Estate Agent?

It is best to be aware that there are plenty of fly-by-nights, rogue traders and scam artists in Bangkok and unfortunately these people can slip into the Bangkok Property Market only too easily and prey on unsuspecting expats new to Bangkok.

Just because these people may know the locations and names of a few Bangkok Condos and Bangkok Apartments that may be of interest to you, does not mean that they have the credentials or commitment to provide a professional and proper service.

Beware of the Free-Lancers in the Bangkok Real Estate Market!

There are unfortunately many expats residing in Bangkok with little or no income, they are desperate for a quick and illegal buck, and will unfortunately prey on the new and unsuspecting expat that has just arrived in Bangkok.

Sure they know the city better than the new arrivals, sure they can speak with some knowledge of locations and rental prices of Bangkok Condos and Bangkok Apartments in the Bangkok Property Market, but do they have any commitment to offer a full and professional service? The answer, unfortunately for the client that has just signed his Bangkok Tenancy Agreement with the help of this rogue trader, the answer is often….NO!

We unfortunately have come across many a client whom has become a Bangkok tenant with the help of a rogue trader and then come into difficulty as the tenancy agreement was not properly negotiated and then not surprisingly the Real Estate free-lancer has then gone missing and is not answering his phone calls.

What can the tenant do? Well unfortunately as the Bangkok Real Estate free-lancer was operating outside the umbrella of a registered Thai Company, and probably from no fixed abode and a pre-paid telephone number, there is very little the poor this poor expat client can do. He is then at the mercy of the Thai landlord and stuck in a Bangkok Condo or Bangkok Apartment that is perhaps unsuitable or is forced to leave his Bangkok Condo or Bangkok Apartment.

So what to look out for? How to Avoid Rogue Traders in Thai Real Estate?

When you arrive in Bangkok and are looking to Rent a Bangkok Condo or Rent a Bangkok Apartment, then contact a registered Bangkok Real Estate Broker, with a registered Thai company. This will help give the protection you need, as you can be sure they have a registered Thai Company address and a Thai Tax ID number, all of these details can be handed to a Thai Lawyer if needed.

Ask to see proof of the Thai Company Registration Papers and Thai Tax ID Card before proceeding with the signing of your Bangkok Rental Contract, check out the internet for details on the company before agreeing to take one of the Bangkok Condos or Bangkok Apartments they offer.

Remember there are many rogue traders in the Bangkok Property Market, so please watch out and be safe rather than sorry before you agree to sign up to Rent a Bangkok Condo or Rent a Bangkok apartment.

Good luck in your search!

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