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  The MrRoomfinder Interactive Blog is Now Here!

Vist Roomfinder's Blog here!At last it’s here! Mr. Roomfinder’s interactive blog, and the opening article is about living in Chiang Mai from the perspective of an expat. There's a piece at the bottom about accommodation types available in the city. Nothing more to say really, so enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments if you have any

  NEW! Mr Roomfinder's Online Hotel Booking System
Mr Roomfinder is pretty good at digging out living accommodation around the greater Bangkok area of Thailand, but up until recently our hotels system was somewhat limited in choice and great deals. This is why we decided to find a new partner for our Discount Thailand Hotels Booking System.

We’re now pleased to announce that we have partnered with Agoda who has been handling online travel since 1997. Together we offer hotel discount reservations not only for Thailand but also 42,300 Hotels worldwide.

The Agoda system has REAL-TIME bookings, 24-hr service, it’s fast, it’s secure, and LOWEST RATES are always Guaranteed!

Visit our New Thailand Hotels Reservation Page here

What this means to visitors to MrRoomfinder is that you will now be able to search, retrieve, and book the best priced and most popular hotels for all of Thailand including favourite destinations such as Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai. You should find our prices the lowest around with some savings on Bangkok hotels offering up to 60% discount. Below is an extract taken from the Agoda’s about us page
Sharing the Passion with CustomersP

Part of promoting travel is making it affordable and manageable, which is why we always strive to share the gift of travel in the form of lower prices. Agoda will always work to offer the insider's price, so you can travel farther and more often. We find the prices that locals pay, the deals that 'people in the know' get and we offer them to all Agoda customers.

Repeat customers get even bigger savings through our Rewards Program.

Because we've seen the world, we've tried to emulate things that really work:

• personal service like you'd expect in a five-star resort
• a world of choices that only a local player has access to
• the latest technology to help you narrow your choices and quickly execute your decisions
• prices for Asian travel that only an Asian company can provide
• 24/7 live customer service to ensure everything goes smoothly
• online service in your native language

Agoda is always willing to go the extra distance so that you get premium services at the lowest price. As a result, you won't see Agoda advertising on every television and billboard, but you will see us doing some great things. Agoda uses its resources and connections to promote travel, to help people in need and to support like-minded travel-related causes.


We hope you will benefit from the new Roomfinder hotel pages. We certainly enjoyed setting them up for our site visitors and members as we continue to expand this website. As always, if you have any questions regarding any aspect of, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

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